Teva-Asia, Petach Tikva
Advanced Features in HPLC – On-site 10 hour courseTOPICS

Fundamentals of liquid chromatography: Theory and instrumentation.

Overview on the various modes of liquid chromatography: Normal phase, reversed phase, ion exchange, chiral chromatography, gel permeation.

Operation under gradient conditions.

Reversed phase stationary phases – the new generation of packing and particles.
Detection in liquid chromatography: UV-VIS, Photo-Diode Array, Fluorescence, Mass-spectrometry, Refractive Index and Electrochemical detectors.


1þ. Peak integration in HPLC – Integration events.

2þ. Technological and chemical sources of errors in HPLC.

System peaks in liquid chromatography – Their origin and formation, how to live with\without them