Search and/or Development of HPLC Method חיפוש/פיתוח השיטה לעבודה

Understanding and selecting the right HPLC column בחירת הקולונה המתאימה:

Now, you got an application note or a method from the literature.  Chances are (90%) that you got a reversed phase application for your compound.  What is next? There is a huge selection of reversed phase columns, do I need to buy exactly the same column as the literature shows?  Not necessarily, there is a term called: equivalent column.

Optimize and validate the HPLC method אופטימיזציה וולידציה של השיטה:

After you set up your HPLC method, you need to test it on known samples, and you need to validate your method to be sure that it will work properly and accurately from now on.  The next links describe the process and the reason for optimization and validation of HPLC methods.

Operational Instructions and Troubleshooting הוראות תיפעול ואיתור תקלות

Preparing the Laboratory for HPLC Work הכנת המעבדה לעבודה

LITERATURE ספרות מקצועית

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