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Links to Some Beautiful Places I Have Lived in   קישורים למקומות יפים בהם גרתי בעבר

During 2 very beautiful years of my life that I spent in Utah, my work was involved in Field-Flow Fractionation, (FFF) which I think deserves at least a reference in this page. I was privileged to be working with one of the greatest scientists of all times Prof. Cal Giddings, whose recent death has been a terrible loss to all the separation sciences community


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I live in Kidmat-Yam, Givat Olga, Hadera.


All photos and presentations were made by Shula Levin (me) Click on the photos to get video' or presentation or another page
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My Photo Galleries from My Trips Around Israel

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Along the Mediterranean Seashore לאורך חוף הים התיכון